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In the last few years, the cryptocurrency industry has managed to record tremendous success across its markets, thanks to the emergence of bitcoin and other vast range of altcoins.

This has forced investors to conduct heated debates on dealing in the cryptocurrency markets. Though these two markets have significant similarities; there are still entirely different in approach and management.

Many would argue that investors who intend to invest in the crypto market may not need any stock market trading background, however, having the fundamental values of the traditional stock market will give you an edge.

The stock exchange has been a substantial mode of investment, while bitcoin and other altcoins are viewed as digital currency only. Even though bitcoin and other altcoins are considered digital currency, their application is not limited to just that. Despite its volatility, bitcoin has proved to be a viable alternative asset class for many individuals. …

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CryptoSmarts 6

MintDice is proud to bring you the sixth part of the CryptoSmarts series, a 100% unbiased/non-affiliate paid article set that will focus on relatively simple ways you can boost your privacy, take power away from overbearing governments and corporations while also doing relative good for society all at the same time with minimal effort. Rest assured that anything suggested here is solely for your own benefit.

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At the base layer of all desktops lies the operating system or the OS. The OS allows virtually everything to run on your computer. There’s three primary operating systems out there that are Windows, MacOS and Linux. A few other distributions do exist but they tend to be fairly fringe. Building a high quality operating system is an extremely difficult and time intensive project. So much so that the two major commercial distributions for households, Windows and MacOS are owned and have been created over the course of decades by two of the biggest companies in the world. Linux, meanwhile, does get ongoing development, but it is the fractured stepchild of operating systems for a whole host of reasons. …

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Ever wish there was a decentralized way to store data without having to rely on a company such as Google, Amazon, or Apple? Well that dream became more of a reality in 2017 when Protocol Labs announced the release of Filecoin, a manner of renting space on unused hard drives with a cryptocurrency being used to measure these transactions. The ICO launched in August of the same year, and raised the needed $200 million dollars of funding within 30 minutes.

In the Years Since

Although they met their funding needs almost immediately, it has been a long road to launch for Filecoin, with the scheduled mainnet launch slated for October 15th, 2020. From the start in 2017, the revolutionary idea was quickly jumped on by scammers who created fake accounts on multiple platforms claiming to be looking for miners of the pending token. Not only that, but many exchanges were accepting purchases of the token which didn’t yet exist in exchange for an IOU once the coin was mined. This is all fine if you understand the process, however, it is very risky to purchase an unmined coin and many people who did just that did not understand that they actually did not yet own the desired coins. Besides announcing the scams after the initial fundraising round, the twitter for the official coin, @Filecoin, goes dark for over six months after the process until the early months of 2018. Even then, there is very little research announcements until the early months of 2019. It’s hard to say exactly what the company did during this time but presumably they were busy producing their platform. In February 2019, the developers launched the opening of the Filecoin devnets and repos to the public in order to allow developer and researcher testing. Regular updates on the beta version of the platform are then posted on their twitter, and website, through the remainder of the year. …



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