When prices started to rise in 2020 during the COVID pandemic, many companies blamed this on supply chain disruption and lower levels of productivity at their factories. But now it’s 2021, and prices are still high. In fact, in some places they’ve climbed even higher than their 2020 pandemic levels. This leaves many American’s wondering just what is going on and what this means for their finances and their future.

What Is Hyperinflation?

Inflation is a word used to describe the rising prices of goods and services within a society. Hyperinflation is therefore used to describe when the prices of goods and services…

In the United States, gambling is only legal in certain states. And in some states, the restrictions are even more severe, and the gambling may only be legal in certain cities. One exception to this rule is land which is owned by Native American Tribes. This is because their land is owned by them, and the US government regulations don’t apply. This means that Native Americans can make gambling legal wherever they want on their land.

Typically, this is a good thing for the tribe, as it provides a steady income of money and provides the locals with jobs. But…

When you transact using Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency for that matter, you will always pay a fee. But why are there fees for cryptocurrency? How do they work? And if you’ve been watching the news, you may be wondering just why Bitcoin transaction fees are having an effect on the blockchain as we speak. Blockchain fees are an important topic of discussion because they are often what leads to disagreements over which blockchain is the best.

Why Do Blockchains Have Fees?

When you have an account at a bank, you will usually pay some sort of fee to use that account. This may be…

Last week, people across the United States celebrated a holiday often referred to simply as 420, the date the holiday falls on each year(April 20th). But why is this even a holiday which is celebrated? And what does this have to do with Bitcoin?

What is 420?

420, or April 20th, is a holiday which is mostly celebrated in the US, that celebrates counterculture through the consumption of cannabis. Although cannabis, or weed, is legal in most states in 2021, historically, people would gather on 420 in a public place to protest the regulations against weed. And just how would they celebrate? By…

Just as Bitcoin used to be an obscure word which has risen to the status of a household name, so too has a cryptocurrency known as Dogecoin recently become the new hype. But before you get caught up in the rush of activity which is surrounding the coin right now, it’s important to understand what Dogecoin is, and why the coin suddenly rose to fame.

What Is Dogecoin?

First of all, if you’re brand new to the cryptocurrency space, you may just be wondering what exactly Dogecoin is. MintDice published a full article about the subject about a year ago, but here’s the…

You may have noticed in recent weeks that Ethereum prices are quickly taking off to join the heights of its main competition, Bitcoin. But you may also have noticed another coin which has experienced a recent spike, in both price in popularity, called Enjin Coin.

What is Enjin Coin?

Enjin Coin is an ERC-20 Non-fungible token which can be used on multiple gaming platforms to create and purchase virtual goods. Enjin Coin, abbreviated ENJ is unique because it can both act as a cryptocurrency as well as execute smart contracts. …

Betting on esports is a pastime which has only recently seen mass traction thanks to the easy access of online betting sites during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of its recent advent into society, betting on esports has been widely unregulated, probably due to the fact that the ageing senators, congressmen, and governors are rarely up to date on esports world which is ruled by men in their early 20’s. This is about to change however, as law makers across the US start to clamor for regulation.

Nevada Starts the Trend

As the gambling capital of the nation, it should be no surprise that Nevada…

Now that the world is slowly starting to accept cryptocurrencies and the future they represent for society, not a day goes by in which a new project isn’t started in the cryptocurrency space. Of course most of these new projects go by the wayside, until they catch your attention on the list of the top cryptocurrencies by market cap. That brings up the next topic, a coin quickly climbing the charts known as Klaytn coin. So just what is it? And is it a good investment?

What is Klaytn (KLAY)?

Klaytn is the next big blockchain as a service cryptocurrency. This means that Klaytn…

When casinos first began promoting organized gambling and betting on sports, many of these casinos were owned and operated by the mob. This is especially true in the gambling capital of north America, the city of Las Vegas. But did you know that the mob still has ties to the gambling world today? How much so may just surprise you.

The History of The Mob

The mob is often also referred to by the name the mafia, and is widely known as a criminal organization. With roots in Italy, it is hard to trace back just when organized crime began, but the first records of…

In 2020, poker players everywhere were disappointed when the COVID-19 pandemic caused the World Series of Poker to be cancelled for the first time in years. Many had already booked hotels and plane tickets to fly out to the city of Las Vegas where the event was typically held. But now that a new year has dawned, just what are the plans for this monumental event?

The Show Will Go On!

The famous poker tournament has already announced its plans to run a full tournament schedule for the 2021 year. The tournament will be held at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino per tradition. However…


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