Worried About Your Crypto Wallet Security? Try Out These Tricks

Given below are some of the best possible ways for you to ensure your wallet’s protection:

  1. Protect Wallet- Look for malware in your device. Select a wallet with security measures intact. Go ahead and freely discriminate among the normal wallet providers and be sure to finalize on the best. See if the wallet uses encryption to secure the private keys. For instance, Corion provides a code package encrypting key data and safeguards from insider hacking.
  2. Distribute currencies among multiple wallets– It is always recommended that you use at least two digital wallets to store. Use one for trading and transactions and opt the other to store savings. Remember to keep it in a secure place. For that, use a cold storage wallet. Store your backup of the private keys offline. Depending upon the number of crypto funds you have, distribute your currencies in more.
  3. Keep a tab on your wallet transactions- Get notified (enable notifications through SMS, email) about any suspicious activity by setting up a monitoring tool on your wallet’s address.
  4. Get rid of auto-updates for your wallet- Turn off auto-updates for apps pertaining to crypto. At times, in the garb of new versions, bugs are released. So, do not instantly click for the update; wait instead for a few days.
  5. Do not opt for open Wi-Fi- Never go online connecting to public Wi-Fi if you have a device with wallet in it. At least be careful while doing so as your device might be prone to hacking.
  6. No Phishing– Private keys get hacked through phishing scams. Through Google Ads or emails, phishing scams are quite frequently conducted. Never click on tempting phishing ads as it would install malware on your device. It is advisable to install an ad blocker in your browser to save yourself from malware-infected ads.
  7. Double-check the address- The best way to do this is to send a micropayment as a verification first, and then once you are assured, go for larger payments to the verified address. Since there may be malicious programs that can copy your address, so, always double-check the address that you wish to send any payment to.
  8. Remove all remote-access software- Never install remote-access software as it can overwrite all safety precautions are taken, such as 2FA.
  9. Enable 2-factor authentication- Also known as 2-FA, it is a double authentication measure that will secure your wallet. Either by opting for biometric identification or a 6-digit code via the FreeOTP app for iOS and Android.
  10. Check the Locks- See if there is an SSL security mark in the address window of the web browser. It is a secure site seal to make sure that the browsing is encrypted.



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